This city takes your breathe away. This is truly once of the most amazing places on earth. There is a energy in this place that only cities like London can compare to, but I still feel this city takes the cake. We landed late on the Friday night and checked into our backpackers accommodation. I will never forget the first time i stepped into times square. It feels strange, like you have almost stepped onto a movie set. Think the travel took it out of us as we retired hurt for the evening.Saturday was a full day of sight seeing and posing in many suspect photos with statues ( think we overstepped the mark a few times sorry NYC) Out on our feet, we decided to unleash fury on a city in the form of a night on the town with alex “ohhhh one more vodka lime” qasabian leading the way to some of his fav liberty city haunts. Good man only lasted one or two irish pubs but thats not to say the journey wasn’t worth it. Waving the flag until 4:30am was kev, Billy and myself. Funny thing when you have a night out and only one phone to share with everyone, all of a sudden your iphone become the puzzle for your night out and the photos become the missing pieces. Judging by the “happy 21st birthday” sunglasses Billy was photographed wearing during the night looks like we wound back a few years and gave him the 21st he never had. Haha

The next day was a total write off. Thankfully it was pouring so we slept all day and we blamed it on the rain (sorry for that sneaky a milli vanilli reference)

Well I must run, it’s our show tonight! Bring on the big apple!