Goodbye New York, hello Toronto. We were greeted by freezing conditions and snow. We couldn’t believe it when Billy said he’d never seen snow before. You half can’t tell we are Australian’s walking the streets though, as every second snow pile up was the trench for another snow ball fight. Greg and alex were the obvious targets as Billy was sending down some thunderbolts of ice.We played our first show last night and it was out of this world!!!! Thanks to everyone who came down as we were blown away. It was an amazing feeling hearing people in a place you’ve never been before on the other side of the world singing along to your tunes knowing all the words. Wow. The venue (Cherry Colas) was one of the coolest clubs I’ve been too – sorta had this burlesque 1930’s glamour feel to it with girls in lingerie serving behind the bar and even a girl dancing in a small hole in the wall near the stage. Rockin style but not trashy if that makes sense? It was a packed house with ques outside the door so sorry to all those who had to wait in the wind and rain outside!

Earlier in the night met up with the Birds of Toyko lads at their gig and saw a couple other bands too. Highlight though was a band tucked away in a small upstairs stage called ‘Familia’. We were blown away and reckon we found our new favorite band which we reckon you’ll love too. Think Florence and the machine meets fleetwood Mac. Incredible!

Anyways it’s rest time for us before more media stuff so we’ll chat real soon!