I want you all to picture this….we are sitting in our undies sweating it out in a tiny backstage room at the Blaxland Tavern. Yes ladies & gents we are ‘getting our sweat on’ cause its a Saturday night and its still a breezy 44 degrees celsius!

It’s going to be at least another 10 degrees warmer on stage so Im looking forward to shedding a few extra Christmas kilos that I’ve put on over our break haha.

It feels really good to be back playing show leading up to our US/Canadian tour as it feels like we haven’t seen each other in years….so we’re chilling out hearing what all has been going on over our summer breaks. Billy’s winning an online ‘extremely extremely good looking’ competition and it looks like he’s gonna take it out. Well done Goaty – Everyone keep voting for him as it will really lift his confidence! haha

Kev is sporting a new tan – I can just see his teeth against the black couch he’s lying on. Alex is pacing around with his backpack on per usual and Greg looks like he’s eaten too much Christmas pudding…nah only joking mate – he’s been firing up the gym and looking every bit of ‘the hulk’!

Stay tuned more to come!…..

– Mark